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Becoming a Board Member

The Ohio School Plan is always looking for talented individuals from member districts interested in serving on the Board of Directors.  The following is intended to provide useful information as to the qualifications and responsibilities of Ohio School Plan Board members.

Ohio School Plan Board Member Qualifications:

  • Your school entity must be a member of the Ohio School Plan.
  • You must be a current elected official or full-time employee of your school.
  • No two (2) Board members may be from the same school.

Ohio School Plan Board Member Responsibilities:

  • The Board of Directors oversees the management of the business and affairs of the Ohio School Plan.
  • As a member of the Board of Directors you are expected to attend quarterly meetings, which are typically held in Columbus.  Special Board meetings occur from time to time as OSP business warrants.
  • Most Board members serve on one or more standing and ad hoc committees.

Just Some of the Benefits of Becoming a Board Member:

Opportunity to work closely with other Board members in defining the direction and establishing goals for the Ohio School Plan.

Opportunity to gain additional insight into current issues involving the insurance industry, including specialized knowledge about property and liability insurance programs available to schools in Ohio.

Opportunity to network with other school officials at Ohio School Plan Board meetings.

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